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Why is controlling my weight so important?

To calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index measured in kg/m²), divide your weight in kilograms by your height squared in metres.


A healthy BMI for an Asian should be below 23 kg/m². A healthy BMI should be below 25 kg/m² for people of African, Black American, Caucasian, Middle Easterner and Latin American descent. A lower BMI of 23 kg/m² is used for people of “Other” ethnicity in which there is no scientifically validated data, and the lower BMI of 23 kg/m² may overestimate the risk of disease. Please see section “Do I have a risk of developing diabetes?”. One study from the American Diabetes Prevention Programme found that losing one kilogram of bodyweight reduced the risk of diabetes by 16%. Losing bodyweight has been shown to reverse prediabetes and return blood glucose levels to normal.


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